Women in 5’ – Cali –

What: teaching and directing a workshop with final Performance
Original title: Mujeres en 5’
Original language: Spanish
Period: 2012
Where: Cali-Colombia
Institutions: La Mascara theatre, Medina

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Women and forced displacement, women and urban hardship, women and violence… those are the themes emerging during the workshop realized in La Mascara theatre, a feminist space permeated by Colombian history and artistic militancy.

A mixed group of men and women, who lived the internal displacement caused by the armed conflict between the FARC, the army and the paramilitary groups in Colombia. Everyone is called to articulate a message about the complex condition of Colombian women. Just a point of view, arising from life experiences and personal thinking. The resulting performance is itinerant: a long walk through the plurality of participant’s voices – and artistic languages as dance, performance, proper drama- shows the complexity of contemporary thought.

Mujeres en 5’ is a workshop organised as part of the project “Contarla para Vivir, el teatro como instrumento para la promoción de la multiculturalidad y la cohesión social en Colombia”.

  • La Mascara, Colombia 2012.
  • La Mascara, Colombia 2012.
  • La Mascara, Colombia 2012.

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