Which is your dream?

What:  teaching and directing a theatre workshop with final performance
Original title:  Ki rèv ou genyen?
Original language: Haitian Creole
Period: 2013
Where: Leogane- Haiti
Institutions: IsraAid; JPG Jeunes Progressistes de Guérin



The idea of a workshop dedicated to girls comes from a discussion about the very active local association JPG in Leogane: why, even in this dynamic context of young people, do we still find that women are presents just in the “service” functions as the secretary, the cleaning lady, or the sister of the leader (known for her kinship more that for her engagement)? During the first meeting with the group I asked, as usual, about their challenges and their fears to face the theatre experience. In this case all of them answer, “I’m very, very shy”. And I discovered it was true, it was not being influenced by others. They couldn’t speak aloud, expose themselves being proud. So we started playing…

Which is your dream? Ki rèv ou genyen?
Our process started by this question, and the girls gained, little by little, the self-consciousness that allows having dreams. The possibility of playing widens the field from the monotonous figure of the nurse to the reign of imagination, and finally, to a wider self-projection.

Which is your dream? During the show the public is being asked the same question, while the girls’ stories mix reality and fiction, showing adolescents fascination with drama, passion, and death. The workshop and performance directly address the gender situation in Haiti, surprising for the Haitian context and a group of girls struggling with their shyness. Murder, violence, and being neglected, as well as the power of dance and of the body are the main subjects. A collection of poems was chosen in parallel; The “Danses Affolées” by Murielle Augustin, composed by the writer at the age of 19, reflects the same colours and emotions with the strength of poetic language.

  • Leogane, Haiti 2013.
  • Leogane, Haiti 2013.
  • Leogane, Haiti 2013.

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