Training for performers- Vanuatu

What: Training sessions
Original title: Training for performers
Original language: English
Period: 2015
Where: Port Vila – Vanuatu



Lights go up, the actor enters the space, takes it. He is perceived by the audience and communication has begun. But what makes the actor attractive and magnetic on the stage? The scenic presence, the ability to make the audience connect with the performer and envelop them in the story being told, is an ensemble of fundamental hidden techniques that are based on the research around some principles. Self-awareness, breathing, organic movement and listening are some of the main subject that each actor has to deal with throughout his career. They are also at the base of the trainings sessions led by Marilena Crosato.

The need of a continuous training practice is the starting point, her background constitutes the base of the physical work: the Lecoq method, the teachings of Maria Consagra – who in turn mixes the Odin Teatret experience and the Rudolf Laban movement analysis- and the Italian Tanztheater.

Everyone can join the sessions and share his experience, adding progressively his own influence to the work. Other unpredictable interactions can happen, as well as the possibility to approach improvisation and creation – second step offered by the physical training.

Wan Smolbag Theatre | PO BOX 1024 Tagabe | Port Vila | Vanuatu

  • Wan Smolbag Theater, Port Vila-Vanuatu 2015.
  • Wan Smolbag Theater, Port Vila-Vanuatu 2015.
  • Wan Smolbag Theater, Port Vila-Vanuatu 2015.

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