Omnia Vanitas

What: performance
Original title: Omnia Vanitas
Original language: Italian
Period: 2011
Where: Reggio Emilia- Italy
Institutions: SS9teatro



Director: Franco Brambilla
With: Silvia Benassi, Valeria Bottazzi, Gabriele Casali, Marilena Crosato, Barbara Nicoli, Elisabetta Vezzani.
Production: SS9teatro

Loosely based on a text by Elias Canetti, the show imagines a society in which vanity has been banned. Mirrors and photos are systematically destroyed in the name of morality. However, as it happens, the prohibition carries the transgression and a black market of appearance is quickly set up. A reflection about rules and values related to contemporary society that day after day becomes more individualistic and appearance-oriented.

  • Italy 2011.
  • Italy 2011.

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