The 1001 Nights – Suspended lives

What: Trainer and assistant director of a theatre workshop with final performance / actress as Sharazade
Original title: Le 1001 Notte – Storie di vite sospese
Original language: Italian
Period: 2009
Where: Reggio Emilia- Italy
Institutions: SS9teatro – Director Franco Brambilla



The workshop brought together immigrants and Italians, professional actors and theatre lovers. The original dramaturgy- by Franco Brambilla- is a re-writing of “The 1001 Nights” on a contemporary perspective. Themes like the journey, the stranger and the struggle for the rights of the most vulnerable people are linked to the recent Italian history.

The Festival 1,6,7 Contatto! has been sponsored by the municipality of Reggio Emilia since 2008 and it takes place in the neighbourhood of the railway station, a high-tension zone where migration dynamics are determining changes at the urban and social scale.

  • Italy 2009.
  • Italy 2009.

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