Playing the social action

What: teaching and directing a theater workshop with final performance
Original title – workshop: Jouez l’action social
Original title- show: Sekrè Lakay – A Secret at Home
Original language: Haitian Creole
Period: 2013
Where: Grand Goave- Haiti
Institutions: Terre des Hommes



A group of social workers from Terre des Hommes who work with children and communities in rural Haiti decide to share the experience the art of theatre; To facilitate social interaction on a different level: culture.

Through a participatory process we built a show about childhood in Haiti. The goal was to raise awareness in the community about child education and protection in large families. The show also shared the experience and knowledge of the people working in this field every day, highlighting the challenges and frustrations. The show originates from true life-stories weaving them into an interesting mix between fiction and reality. Different short scenes are created, each one focusing one of the hottest issues in childhood protection: the dangers of hurricane season, domestic violence, family planning and abandonment. The show encourages the community through the sharing of positive and funny experiences and encourages the youngest to take charge of their future.

Children – explains one of the actors – are not like mangos, referring to the gluttony of Haitian for this sweet fruit. They aren’t something you want for your pleasure and your social prestige with no other consequences. They need love and attention from both parents. The woman should choose more conscientiously and make decisions about family planning because, in Haiti, it’s on mother’s shoulders the weight of a too large family.

Mangos, bamboo, and ropes dominate the scene, as well as a tit for tat theatre that engage the public in the show dialogues.

  • Grand Gôave, Haiti 2013.
  • Grand Gôave, Haiti 2013.
  • Grand Gôave, Haiti 2013.
  • Grand Gôave, Haiti 2013.
  • Grand Gôave, Haiti 2013.

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