What: children show – theatre & dance
Original title: Fuoco!
Original language: Italian
Period: 2010
Where: Reggio Emilia- Italy
Institutions: SS9teatro



Director: Franco Brambilla
Choreographer: Michele Merola
Actress: Valeria Bottazzi
Dancer: Marilena Crosato
Text by Bruno Tognolini
Production: SS9teatro

A show based on the text by Bruno Tognolini, which examines a real life circumstance on stage, as well as the love for books and their inner life. The manuscript by Tognolini was a gift to the childrens-publishing house Fatatrac that in 2003 lost all its stock due to a fire. The show mixes theatre and dance, poetry and prose, the reality of facts and the imagination hidden in books, that makes them so vital and tangible for adults and children.

  • Italy 2010.
  • fuoco-4
  • Italy 2010.
  • Italy 2010.

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