Women in 5′ – Port au Prince –

What: teaching and directing a theatre workshop with final performance
Original title: Women in 5’
Original language: Haitian Creole
Period: 2014
Where: Port au Prince- Haiti
Institutions: Fokal

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Director: Marilena Crosato
With: Jenny Cadet, Evens Dangervil, Eunice Desmorne, Sibille France, Clorette Jacinthe, James Saint-Felix, Vanessa Solitaire, Staloff Tropfort.
Playwright: collective work directed by Marilena Crosato

The aim of the workshop was to develop an artistic reflection about relationships between men and women in Haitian society though a multidisciplinary approach. Anthropology methodology melts with the freedom and the rigor of artistic research. The work is part of the series “Women in 5’”, previously realized in Colombia and rural Haiti (Petit Goave).

The training was addressed to professional actors and drama students of the ENARTS with the fundamental goal of creating an itinerant performance. Meeting the audience at Fokal, one of the principal cultural centres in the country and one of the most attractive spaces for performers, was exciting for its interesting architecture and its appeal to the city public. The performance Women in 5′ mirrored the workshop experience that followed an artistic and anthropological approach. Each actor worked on his/her memories as the starting point to formulate his own perspective about the gender dynamics and problems. This approach was proposed in order to overcome the biggest prejudices thanks to personal sensitiveness and to find a personal – and political – positioning about gender for each one of them.

The themes that emerged were delightfully irreverent and transgressive with respect to the traditional vision of men-women relationships, family and love. The final portrait was multifaceted and talked about freedom, emancipation and liberation. The affirmation of women as individuals and their right to choose not to have children, sexual freedom, as well as the right to pleasure all emerged as the main Haitian leitmotivs. The banality of violence as an exercise of strength, control of decision making in the case of undesired pregnancies, and the research of a new men’s identity, were all common themes as well. The result was an itinerant experience mixing lyrical scenes and everyday vibrant characters talking about sex and romance in the cafeteria and engaging the audience to side with or against them, laughing, suffering and finally recognizing with them.

  • Fokal, Haiti 2014.
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  • Fokal, Haiti 2014.
  • Fokal, Haiti 2014.
  • Fokal, Haiti 2014.
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  • Fokal, Haiti 2014.
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  • Fokal, Haiti 2014.
  • Fokal, Haiti 2014.

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