Women in 5’ – Petit Goave –

What: teaching and directing a theatre workshop with final performance
Original title: Fanm nan 5’
Original language: Haitian Creole
Period: 2013
Where: Petit Goave- Haiti
Institutions: HELVETAS, Agro Action Allemande, Terre des Hommes



Sa se lavi yon fanm! That is woman’s life!

March 2013, Petit Goave, Haiti. 11 women engaged in local associations struggling for women’s rights in Haiti to take part to the intensive theatre workshop on the occasion of the 8th of March, the International Women’s Day.

What do we want to say to Haitian society, in which the position of women is still characterized by discrimination, prejudice and inequality in access to resources? Which is the point? The lack of education? The every day problems answering to the basic needs of the children? We started sharing life stories. They were similar, all starting more or less at the same way: “I was young and happy, one day I got pregnant…” The point was immediately clear: how to provide for the family, alone, without a job made life hard. Absorbed by the needs, every day. It meant the loss of all the other possible lives.

That is woman’s life!

The demarcation lines, we discovered, are age and education. Guerline, the youngest of the group, shared her first experience with small business, she is saving money in order to have enough and go to the university. “Once I had a goat… then I sold it and I got 2 of them… and then I had my own money”
The performance is a pearl necklace of real stories fragments. Each woman presents herself in 5’, 11 living pictures about their lives. The common points were so strong to make any comment unnecessary. The recurrent situation of being abandoned and the variety of strategies that they could take to go on. Their resilience and their force. A mirror of the situation of the Haitian woman.

  • Petit Goave, Haiti 2012.
  • Petit Goave, Haiti 2012.

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