Discovering Grace Molisa

What:  theater show
Original title:  À la découverte de Grace Molisa
Original language: French
Period:  2016
Where: Port Vila – Vanuatu
Institutions: Alliance française de Port Vila

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Director: Marilena Crosato
With: Myriram Malao and Marilena Crosato
Texts by Grace Mera Molisa
Production: Alliançe francaise de Port Vila and Marilena Crosato

Vanuatu. In occasion of the first book fair in Vanuatu – Pirogue 2016 – Marilena Crosato and Myriam Malao perform an original reading to approach the fascinating character of Grace Mera Molisa. Unknown to the youngest generations, she’s been the first Ni-Vanuatu woman who wrote and published a book, getting international acknowledgment within the Pacific contemporary literature. Politician, poet and women’s rights activist, she played an important role during the struggle for Vanuatu independence, achieved in 1980. She left an incredibly sharp corpus of poems addressing topics as women’s rights and the meaning of feminism in the Pacific,  corruption and politics, traditional values, post colonialism…

The show leads the audience to discover her literary work – from her most popular book Black Stone – together with her life, her strong determination and her role in Vanuatu recent history.

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