Cardboard box, rotten life

What: directing a theatre workshop with final performance of street theatre
Original title: Asyèt katon pouri lavi
Original language: Haitian Creole
Period: 2013- 2014
Where: Port au Prince- Haiti
Institutions: Oxfam – Institut Francais d’Haiti

Asyèt katon_copertina


Director: Marilena Crosato
Assistant: Presline Garçon, Coutcheve Lavoie Aupont
Photographer: Vladjimir Legagneur
Playwright: collective work directed by Marilena Crosato

The performance is an urban action conceived to dialogue with the people of Port au Prince and intended to open their eyes and awaken their consciences about the dramatic environmental situation. Garbage is invading the city and the culture of recycling is still a dream.

The work was born as a collective creation from a mixed group of young people: Haitian artists, coming from the capital Port au Prince, as well as engaged teenagers from rural areas that borders on the Dominican Republic. The creation developed around the symbolic object of the asyet katon, the lunch box that is an all-present sign of the environment degradation. Used for the daily meal, it became the centre of an artistic thinking, which crosses different levels of interpretation: the consumerist society critics, the importance of education, the reference to food and the tension between primary exigencies and culture in Haiti.

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  • Insitut Francais d'Haiti 2013.
    Asyèt katon_1
  • Insitut Francais d'Haiti 2013.
    Asyèt katon_4
  • Insitut Francais d'Haiti 2013.
    Asyèt katon_2
  • Haiti 2013.
    Asyèt katon_ gruppo
  • Insitut Francais d'Haiti 2013.
    Asyèt katon_3
  • Tap Tap, Haiti 2013.
    Asyèt katon_tap tap

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