Marilena Crosato is an Italian performer and writer currently based in Senegal. Her writing and work are rooted in the challenging settings she encounters while living abroad.

Her work focuses on the relationship: the dynamics between artistic production and social change, the meeting between the performer and his public and the power in gender relations through different cultural contexts.

Her academic career ranges from artistic disciplines to the social commitment of arts in International Cooperation. She earned a Master’s Degree in Human Rights and Ethics of International Cooperation (UNESCO Chair) and a degree in Architecture (IUAV-Venice).

Her drama formation developed in the Arsenale Theater School in Milan (Jacques Lecoq method) and through the teaching of the main contemporary Italian artists and dancers such as Armando Punzo, Motus, Gabriele Vacis, Laura Curino, Ascanio Celestini, Raffaella Giordano, Giorgio Rossi… Training sessions with Maria Consagra were particularly relevant embodying her attraction for the experimental character of arts, the multidisciplinary possibilities, and the movement studies.

Research and recent work
The social dimension becomes more and more relevant in her work, as well as the influence of different cultures and rituals. Moved by the situation of migrants and women in Italy – form 2008 to 2011 she makes part of ss9teatro realizing workshops in her city, Reggio Emilia. The first contact with the social dimension of art intervention brings the firsts questions and leads her to move. In Colombia (2011/12) she questions herself about the quality of social theatre intervention starting the collaboration with the review Hystrio. Through her articles she develops a space for reflections about arts, cultures and performance.

Festivals, Colombia and Haiti
She challenges traditional gender roles through the creation of “Amore ricordati che sei mia” – a performance presented in Italy, Spain and Colombia during the III Festival Internacional de Teatro Contemporáneo de Mujeres “Cali Pacifica” at the La Mascara Theatre (Cali) and the IX Festival de Teatro Alternativo of the Festival Iberoamericano at the La Candelaria Theatre (Bogotà).

She lives and works in Haiti from 2012 to 2015, where she collaborates with the Ecole Nationale des Arts and with Guy Régis Jr. She works also with several Ngo’s in social theatre projects, collaborating with local radios and educational programs. In Haiti she created her work: H.I. Femmes et pouvoir. Haiti- Italie, presented during the Quatre Chemins Theatre Festival, the X Festival de Teatro Alternativo of the Festival Iberoamericano at the La Candelaria Theatre (Bogotà) and the Ghetto Biennale (Port au Prince).

In 2015 she moves to Vanuatu and she starts exploring a new region through a short incursion on the island of Ambrym, observing the ritual traditions of the masked dances. She travels to the Melbourne Festival to have an overview on the Australian theatre scene and then she launches the co-creative project Aelan Gel-Island Daughters joining the global campaign 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence and supporting women’s development activities in Port Vila.

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