Hystrio: the site-specific theater in New York

New article in Hystrio 3-2015 New York: like a fish in a bowl, immersion in the site-specific…

Training for performers – Vanuatu

Training sessions for performers July 2015 – Tuesday and Thursday 8.30-10.30 AM Wan Smolbag Theatre, Port Vila…

Latinoamericando, radio interview

Latinoamericando, radio interview to Marilena Crosato by Gustavo Claros 14.05.2015, Radio Cooperativa. Listen to the podcast here

VII Transcultural Forum of Contemporary Art

New performances presented during the VII Transcultural Forum of Contemporary Art 02.04.2015, Georges Liautaud Museum, Noailles, Haiti….

Haiti: new performance in Cornillon

New performance in Cornillon 27.03.2015 Cornillon, Haiti

Haiti: new performance in Thomazeau

New performance in Thomazeau 13.03.2015 Thomazeau, Haiti

PublicaD’Elles, interview to Marilena Crosato

Interview “Marilena Crosato in 5 answers” by Darline Gilles. Review PublicaD’Elles, 2 N. 003 2014.

Radio Reportage: the Haitian Vodou

Radio Reportage by Rossana Mamberto- Controradio With Marilena Crosato and Jean Eddy Remi. Walking through Noailles Artistic…

Festival Quatre Chemins

Workshop by Marilena Crosato The body on stage: the scenic presence and the expressive movement as creative…

The FITB: an overview of the South American theater

Conference, 30.09.2014 h.17.00. Fokal Foundation. Port au Prince, Haiti The Ibero-American Theater Festival of Bogotá: an overview…

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